The founders and current owners of NC Technologies Jason Byron and Joseph (Joe) D’Amico began working with CNC profiling machines in 1984 when they started work with Farley Manufacturing in the original Glenroy factory. They learnt the theory and practice of CNC control systems and were introduced to the HT40 machine plasma system which, was the first mechanised plasma unit from Hypertherm.

Hypertherm Plasma

Farley Manufacturing went into liquidation in July 2000 this was the beginning of NC Technologies. At this time things were tight with little capital they began servicing the Farley customers who were lost for support once Farley Manufacturing closed its doors. The 2 boys were in high demand the organisation grew rapidly and they moved into their first factory in Campbellfield. in 2001. They began purchasing Hypertherm products through 3rd party organisations in order to support their growing customer base.

By 2007 they had well and truly outgrown their current premises and they shifted into another factory approximately 4 times the size of the original. They operate from this factory today.

Over the years they rejected offers for agencies from various Plasma manufacturers in favour of the Hypertherm brand. In 2008 they were granted direct access to most Hypertherm products, and this gives the most competitive pricing in the industry.