Torch Height Controls

One of the key elements in any thermal cutting application is the distance from the cutting torch to the work piece. This stand-off distance is critical to cut quality. Proper cut height improves cut angularity, dross and cut speed while reducing dross. There are various options to suit your specific requirements.
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ArcGlide THC

The ArcGlide THC - True Hole capable - is a new precision plasma torch height control that delivers superior cutting performance at a reduced cost of operation.

Traditional torch height controls require operators to periodically adjust arc voltage to ensure proper cut height. Using Hypertherm’s proprietary techniques, The ArcGlide THC continuously samples arc voltage and automatically adjusts arc voltage for proper torch height over the life of the consumables without requiring operator input.

The ArcGlide THC offers optimal cut quality, improved productivity and reduced operating costs for plasma cutting applications including True Hole Technology. Offered in both CNC integrated (with Hypernet communication) and standalone configurations, this THC delivers its benefits with minimal operator intervention required.

Sensor PHC

Designed for conventional plasma systems 100 amp and less cutting with air, the Sensor PHC provides excellent performance, built in diagnostics, and easy operation all at a fantastic price!

The Sensor PHC is an easy-to-use and reliable voltage-sensing height control for conventional plasma applications. The benefits realized are substantial in terms of:
• Consumable life improvement
• Improved cut quality
• Reduced operator intervention

The Sensor PHC offers easy installation on new or existing conventional plasma cutting tables with any CNC and a broad range of plasma systems. Available in several application-specific configurations, the Sensor PHC delivers improved performance at a reduced cost compared to other height control solutions.

Sensor THC

The Sensor THC - True Hole capable - incorporates the latest advancements in system integration and hardware reliability, with integrated SoftMotion and closed loop servo control.

The Sensor THC is a full featured torch height control system specifically designed to integrate with Hypertherm Automation’s shape cutting controls.
The Sensor THC incorporates the latest advancements in system integration and hardware reliability. With integrated SoftMotion and closed loop servo control, the Sensor THC simply outperforms the competition.

The result is an easy to use height control that can significantly increase the productivity and profitability of your shape cutting operation.

Legacy THC Products

Command THC
The CommandTHC - True Hole capable - is a microprocessor-based torch height control system which accurately sets the initial piercing height and controls the torch-to-work distance of a plasma torch during cutting operations.

Sensor OHC
The Sensor OHC - oxygen height control is an advanced, automated height control system for oxygen fuel shape cutting applications.

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